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Origin Story

Our founder felt the calling to create a sacred community where our goal is to guide you in remembering that you are capable of becoming your own healer.


Our dream is to inspire you to feel safe and free to connect and embrace your true nature and inner wisdom.

There is no space for judgment here, everyones uniqueness is celebrated, in any shade or colour you might feel like expressing yourself. 

That is why The Journeys Of Remembering was created, so our community of participants can self-reflect in a supportive and loving environment.

Physical, mental and spiritual  wellbeing are of utmost importance to living a healthy and balanced life, that requires practice and dedication.

We invite you to discover, reconnect and explore all of your bodies with softness and

love towards yourself and others.

Our spiritual events and retreats provide the setting and guidance you need to strengthen your body, rest your mind and connect with your soul and spirit.

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