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We are here to provide you support and guidance on your healing journey by creating a safe environment of love on our events and retreats.


In The Journeys Of Remembering you will get the opportunity to experience a variety of different healers each time, that we feel inspired by their practices and who they are as people.


This page will change every time we have a new event or retreat so we can provide you with information on our guides and you can get to know them better.


Learn more about our guides below.

Alexandra Vranopoulou

Alexandra Vranopoulou

Founder & Facilitator

Alexandra Vranopoulou soul's purpose is to guide people in their awakening and healing  journey by helping them connect with their hearts through the frequency of love.


Even though her true nature is a healer, she personally does not resonate with the belief that healers are meant to heal other people, from her perspective no one can truly heal you but yourself. 

She is there to provide guidance, support and the tools that she has collected throughout her own healing journey of remembering to empower you to become your own healer. 

Everything she does is channeled, so it is very unique and different every time. She works with meditation, energy healing and through ceremony. 


Her one to one sessions are intuitive, she channel's  with her higher self and your own personal guides to custom make your time together based on your needs in that specific part of your journey. 

In this retreat she will guide you through various practices and ceremonies to reconnect with all the elements within and without, empowering you to remember and reconnecting to your true nature and the divine, powerful being you are.

During the retreat you will also have the opportunity to experience a private, one on one session, with her upon request.

*There are going to be limited spots available. 

Once we allow ourselves to remember that we are nature and that all elements are being expressed through us, they can then become our most powerful allies and guide us in becoming our own healers.

Claire Den Hartog

Claire den Hartog

Movement Instructor

Claire den Hartog is a certified integrative wellbeing guide, offering individuals with a nourishing selection of holistic therapies & well-being practices that allow her clients to experience clarity within body, mind & spirit.

Claire’s embodiment sessions are intuitively created to help you  navigate the journey of remembering and the embodiment of the 4 elements (air, fire, water) in the body, mind & spirit.

Her movement journeys will be an invitation to dive into the authentic essence of all of your bodies & the natural elements found within & without your being. Allowing you to (re)discover and explore what it really feels & means to be fully embodied within your true Self.


Each day, we will travel through one specific element, with the intention to be curious, experiment & develop our understanding & experience of the elemental nature within our bodies & our environment.


She will be there to hold and create a safe space for you to release anything that does not serve you anymore, by releasing the past, in order to create space for the present and future to fully unfold.


Through integrative body movements, yoga, meditation, breathwork  & trauma release exercises, we will transform pain into pleasure, fear into curiosity and stagnation into fluidity.

Alexandra Mitsiou

Alexandra Mitsiou


Alexandra Mitsiou is a food creative + stylist experimenting with food as a medium of expression, nourishment, and mindfulness.


Trained as a biologist, she extended her studies to the science of cooking and got traineeship in various professional kitchens in the Netherlands.


Combining a scientific and a heart felt approach to food, she is interested in the interactions of our physical and emotional body with the resource. 


Her attention is drawn by food textures, forms & colour palettes with the aim to demonstrate the essence of food and its relation to our senses, emotions and psyche. 


She invites you to pause and listen, touch and feel, taste, take in the scent and observe the changes of what we see and what is happening within us.


Since recently, she has answered her calling and started working with the sacred cacao from the Mayan communities of Guatemala. Adding this as a food element and a fundamental ancestral guide to heart opening and social connection.


During the retreat she will guide a food meditation practice to help us connect with the resource and fully emerge in it with all our senses. She will also give a cacao ceremony around the fire holding the space to open our hearts and express our gratitude towards the elements that support our existence, praise mother Earth, connect and interact with each other like one.

Laoura Gini

Laoura Gini

Sound Healer

Laoura Gini  has been connected to sound for more than 25 years now. From being a pianist, to film composer, to sound healer  she has created a bridge between Western and Eastern musical traditions and healing arts.

As a pianist she had the blessing of collaborating with many great musicians in the field of classical, jazz and ethnic music with live concerts and performances all over Europe.

In 1997 she had a transformational wake up call – a severe health problem - which drastically changed the direction of her life.

For over 10 years she has been travelling to India and Nepal studying Nada Yoga, the yoga of Sound, exploring the integration of subtle forms of vibrations and awareness through sound and voice.

It was in Santa Fe / New Mexico where she came in contact with Planetary Gongs and the Music of the Spheres of Pythagoras for the first time. It was a harmonious awakening  journey of transformation through the sacred sound and frequency and has been weaving them into her healing work since then.


In her Sound Healing sessions she works with planetary Gongs, Tibetan bowls, tingshas, tuning forks, native drums,
monochord , as well as voice and mantras.

Martina Cerini

Martina Cerini

Massage Healer

Martina Cerini has been a massage healer for the past six years. 

The the type of healing massage Martina does is called Via Della Luna, which in english means The  Way Of  The Moon.


Via Della Luna is a holistic treatment born from the fusion of the basic principles of Californian, Swedish and Hawaiian massage on the cranio-sacral balancing treatment combined with the therapeutic culture of the Indians Amazonian and Central American Shamans. It helps the vital energy to flow to all parts of the body to ensure health and serenity by removing blocks that obstruct the energy from all of the bodies ( physical, emotional and light body ) .  

In the beginning of the session Martina connects through meditation to Father Sky and Mother Earth and asks for their support and guidance. She then travels within the bodies and connects to them with all of her senses, to feel, see and sense what your bodies need.

This journey will gift you with energetic nourishment, love, care, softness and will promote self-acceptance of oneself and one's body, raise your self-esteem, restore balance, clear the mind and reconnect you with your naturalness. It is also highly effective and healing for the skeletal, lymphatic, blood, muscular and nervous systems.  

Marianna Pateraki

Marianna Pateraki

Support Team

Marianna Pateraki is an advisor in humanitarian crises in Asia and Africa trying to support communities become resilient .

She is deeply interested in healing practices on grief and trauma, conflict and disasters leading to recovery and empowerment.


Her calling has been to support women that have been culturally suppressed, encouraging them, with respect towards their beliefs, into finding  their voice and stepping into their power within their communities. 

You will hear her stories in the women's circles and she will be inviting you to share yours with an open heart.

During the retreat she will be there to support you for any questions you might have regarding the coordination, queries, requests for administrative support, payments or just a warm hug.

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