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About Us

Alexandra Vranopoulou

Hello I' m Alexandra Vranopoulou,

I will share with you a few words about me; it is going to be information for the mind, which in reality, you do not need since you were guided to visit my website.

If you do proceed with reading, my invitation to you is to read my story with an open heart and listen to what your intuition is telling you.

I embarked upon my awakening and healing journey almost five years ago, when a series of serendipitous events occurred in my life that guided me into remembering who I truly am, my original essence. 

After being a fashion stylist for ten years, I felt deep within every cell of my body that this cycle of my life had come to a completion and it was time for me to follow my heart's calling by embracing my true nature as a healer.

My soul purpose is to guide people in their awakening and healing journey.

In February 2023, I started channeling that I was meant to be sharing my light and wisdom by creating a series of healing journeys and retreats which are called The Journeys Of Remembering.

The reason my soul chose that name is that it has a dualistic meaning for me; remember all of our bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual and light body) through guided practices and also remember all the important knowledge that we have forgotten.

I personally do not believe that healers are meant heal other people; from my perspective, no one can heal you but yourself.

I am here to provide guidance, support, and the tools that I have collected throughout my own healing journey of remembering, to empower you to become your own healer.

Everything I do is channeled, so it's very unique and different every time. I generally work with meditation, energy healing, and through ceremony.

My one-to-one sessions are also channeled and custom-made based on my client's needs.

The realisation that; 

"If we would be more present in our hearts, our bodies, our inner voice's guidance, daily feelings, thoughts and actions, our choices and lives would change completely."

Literally changed my life. 

Are you feeling called to embark on your personal

Journey Of Remembering? 

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