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Upcoming Journeys

Find below all the upcoming Journeys Of Remembering that we have created for you with love, light and blessings.


The Journey Of Remembering
Holistic Retreat The Farm Edition
6 Days 

We invite you to join us on this sacred Journey Of Remembering and retreat holistically at a farm in the Greek mountains of Pavliani.

We will be connecting with the all the Elements through Movement, Meditation, Embodiment and Breathwork practices, as well as Food and Herbal Workshops, Playshops, Sound Healing Journey, Rituals and Ceremonies.

It is going to be a very powerful and healing  journey, diving within to re-member, connect, discover and explore all of your bodies and inner wisdom. 


We invite you to join us on this  Journey Of Remembering in Irakleia, the island which is considered to be the Heart Chakra of Greece.

This retreat is made for the adventurous souls that want to reconnect with Mother Nature and all its raw beauty. 

Our schedule will involve quiet time at the beach,  exploring and meditating in one of the caves in Greece with a private tour guide, a day cruising trip on a boat around the island diving into the deep blue, hiking and finding our own crystals in nature, journaling and sharing circles.

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