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Calm Sea



At The Journeys Of Remembering we encourage you to take a deep breath and allow yourself to discover, connect and explore

all of your bodies.


Open your heart, let the mind rest, unleash your spirit, and join our next spiritual journey.

Yoga Child's Pose


Humble Beginnings

Our whole foundation is built around the Love and  Light we see in the eyes of every person we meet. 


Our goal is to guide you through a journey of remembering the important information that we have forgotten and also re-member all of our bodies, the physical, emotional, spiritual and light body.


We have forgotten and we have been dismembered.


Growing up completely disconnected from ourselves we have forgotten one of the most important gifts that we have and that is our power to be our own healer. 

Let us help you remember the power that you have within and share your light and love once again with everyone and everything around you.


We are all connected and we are all one. 


We invite you to co-create with us sacred and safe containers in which we will be sharing awakening and embodied experiences together.


Each spiritual retreat and journey is a unique expression of the miracle and wonder that life on earth has to offer.

We understand that the time and space to escape from the intense rhythms of todays life can be limited, which is why we dedicate so much time and love into creating unique experiences for you. 

Upcoming Journeys

You can find below our upcoming events and retreats we have created with love for you to experience.

The Journey Of Remembering Holistic Retreat Irakleia Edition
The Journey Of Remembering Holistic Retreat Irakleia Edition
06 Jun 2024, 12:00 EEST – 10 Jun 2024, 12:00 EEST
Irakleia 843 00, Greece

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